Apr 02 2013

Lake NeuronLake Neuron: Welcome To Night Vale

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Weekend before last, I tore through the archives of a newly-discovered podcast find, “Welcome to Night Vale.” I hated having to wait for the new episode, which finally dropped yesterday (but which I didn’t get to listen to until this evening).

“Welcome to Night Vale” is a scripted podcast, primarily performed by one man. It’s in the form of a small-town radio broadcast, but for a very unusual small town:

Imagine that Garrison Keillor got tired of writing his “News From Lake Wobegon” and hired Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, and “X-Files” creator Chris Carter to write it for him. It’s hysterically funny – but you have to be paying attention, and you sort of have to be on the right wavelength.

If I can talk you into listening to this thing, you need to scroll down and start with the very first episode. There are running plot points that reward you for listening in order, and bits you may not get if you haven’t heard earlier episodes.

At times, they twist the format around a little – there’s a two-part episode in which part 1 falls under the usual format, but part 2 is performed by a different announcer and is written from the point of view of Night Vale’s rival community.  The most recent episode features “poetry month” in Night Vale – the normal prohibition on writing instruments is temporarily suspended, and in fact it’s mandatory for each resident to write a poem, a few of which our friendly announcer reads on air.

You can find the podcast here:


Or, if you use iTunes:


Highly recommended.

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