Feb 19 2013

Trinity United Methodist Church | Blog: Giving and Receiving Thanks

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Dr. Michael DentThank YouDr. Michael Dent / Feb. 19, 2013
Sunday morning’s Bible study was from Colossians 3.  The last three verses of the lesson, 15-17, each contained a call to giving thanks, “And be thankful people…Sing to God with gratitude in you hearts…give thanks to God the Father through him (Jesus).”  We are truly grounded in gratitude.  We sing songs, pray prayers, and write notes of thanksgiving.

A greater challenge for some is receiving thanks.  Have you noticed the shift in the responses of “You’re welcome” or “My pleasure” to “No problem”?  When you thank a waiter for his service and he says, “No problem,” what does that mean?  That it wasn’t all that much trouble?  Or that service is a problem to be solved?

Columnist Kathleen Parker notes, “Doing something for someone else in the line of duty or out of the goodness of one’s heart is not a problem solved.  It is a gift, a gesture, a sentiment. And when someone expresses gratitude for that gesture, it is customary to acknowledge that you were happy to extend the pleasure, not that it wasn’t too bad for you. In other words to say, ‘You’re welcome.’”

How do you receive thanks?  Ever you ever responded to thanks with “No problem”?  How do you feel when a waitperson says “No problem” upon your thanking him or her?  How do you think the Creator responds to our giving thanks?  “No problem” or “It is my pleasure”?

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