Feb 20 2013

A Journeyman's Catalog: Fruitful Congregations Journey: Part 6

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After receiving the Prescriptions, we held 3 different Town Hall meetings with the same agenda for each, to discuss and ask questions pertaining to the Prescriptions. We met on 2/5 @7pm, 2/10 @2:30pm, and 2/12 @7pm (on the Sunrise Campus).

Each of the 5 Prescriptions were given 20 minutes, with a running clock, and we asked those in attendance to limit their comments to 45 seconds or less. This only worked part of the time though we held to the 20 minute time limit per item.

Overall the comments and questions were quite interesting and I found to be fairly telling. Confusion, passion, concern, excitement, caution, anger, and hope (just to name a few) all made an appearance. It has been difficult to guess which one will prevail but I guess we'll find out at our Church Conference this Sunday, 2/24 @2:45pm whether the Prescriptions are adopted or not. As I've been saying all along, it should be interesting.

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