Feb 18 2013

Allan R. Bevere: Facebook and Lenten Discipline… Maybe Not

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Craig Adams posts on why he is not giving up Facebook for Lent:
The reason I remain active on Facebook is because so many people have figured out how to use it. It's a good way to find people you've lost track of, to keep in touch with friends who now live at a distance, and so forth. It's a craze-- like email itself once was.

This year, about 41% of those who come to this site come here directly. And, I appreciate those who have bookmarked the site or put it in their RSS feed.

About 34% are referred from another site. Most of this referral traffic comes from Facebook — that's putting it mildly. I should say: the vast majority.

I think there are some legitimate privacy concerns about Facebook which may influence its future usability. These don't currently affect me (or at least I think they don't) so it doesn't matter to me personally. But, if some other social network becomes more desirable and usable for people — I'll switch my attention over to that one. All I'm saying is that there is no evidence of that happening anytime soon.

I can't afford to give time to a social network that is not actually working for me. There are other things to do in life besides being on the Internet anyway.

I have absolutely no loyalty to Facebook. It's just working for me, that's all.

And, that’s why I won’t be giving up Facebook for Lent.
Craig's entire post can be read here.

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