Feb 21 2013

Today in God: Bless Me, Meryl, For I Have Won

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'God Chose Me,' Mugabe Says

It's nice to know that God is still in the business of selecting people to lead various countries around the world. 

Robert Mugabe, who has been the leader in Zimbabwe since independence from Great Britain in 1980, is set to turn 89 next week. He says the fact that he's still around is proof that God has chosen him to be president.

From the article: "Speaking at a party organised by staff from his office, Mugabe, who received a gift of 89 cows from Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono, said he understood his role to be a 'bidding from God'."

This article quotes Mugabe as saying, "Some have dropped off. Where are they gone? The Lord has chosen that they go. The Lord has chosen that I remain. Why is it that all my friends are gone and my relatives are gone and I continue to linger on? It is not my choice. It is His choice; painful choice."

God Loves You, But...

Meanwhile, down in Fort Worth, Texas, Ben Allen and Justin Hudgins wanted to hold a wedding reception at a local party facility, but the owner refused because...the reception was for Ben and Justin, a gay couple.

According to this story, God had something to do with it.

After learning they are a gay couple, the owner of the facility she said in an email to them that: “… it is because of God that I will not be a part in your reception and I know he loves you but not what you are doing.”

Taking a Back Seat to Meryl

What with the Oscars about to hit the tube this weekend, Slate has done research on the acceptance speeches at the event and noticed who gets thanked...and who doesn't.

This story provides the juicy details, but suffice it to say that Meryl Streep gets thanked more often at the Oscars than God. "According to Slate, Oprah has been thanked twice in speeches during the last 11 years, as has Sidney Poitier. God has only been thanked in 3 speeches, as opposed to Meryl Streep who has been thanked 4 times."

As one wag noted in the comments to the story: "In other words, Meryl has been thanked 7 times."

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