Jan 17 2013

The Naked Alien: The Spirit Made Me Do It!

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Now, about these "Gifts of the Spirit", I want to make sure that you're not misinformed. Back while you were still seekers you were easily led astray by your idols, but the real Spirit can't make you curse God, and without the Spirit you can't praise God.
     There are many gifts that have been given, but just one Giver - the Spirit.
     There are many ways to serve, but one Son we serve when we serve all.
     There are many things that need done, but one God to enable us to do them.
To each of us is given that which serves the common good. One is knowledgeable - another is wise. One has faith. One heals. One is God's hands - another is His mouth. One is discerning. One speaks - another interprets. All these gift-cards can only be activated by the Giver who gives to each according to His will.
(1 Corinthians 12:1-11 retold)

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