Jan 03 2013

Hopeful: The Good, High Praise, and Evil Cast Down

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The Good, High Praise, and Evil Cast Down

Wrestled away from the evil, the good is for us.
not of us, but for us,
prepared by the father for the children,
good always there, wrestled from evil.
Good always needs to be won, highly praised,
Good was won for us.
Good is for us.
Good is to savor and to illumine our lives.
Good is like forgiveness; it is asked for.
Each day we ask forgiveness;
Each day we ask for good.
Good is tough; beautiful, it is shiny armor.
In the light, we see good shine and grow.
Joy to the world!
Evil cast down, works of darkness writhe in the light,
evil cast down.
The day is upon us,
each day, and
we ask:
Will you forgive us today?
Will you fill us with good?
Today, we put on an armor of light, and
God is good each day.

(c) Tom Bolton, December 28, 2012, Milwaukee

Romans 13:12

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