Jan 15 2013

wjh: Night Terror

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I hear them breathing
and in the dim light of the luminescent clock,
I see the gentle rise of the covers and
their subtle movements

walking to their room,
moments before,
the cold of the hard floor on my feet
had seeped into my heart,
but it was not cold enough to numb
the panic I felt.

but now,
kneeling in my underwear by their bed.
at 4:00 a.m.
things are better than I thought
mom and dad are here, asleep,
and I know I am not alone.
the terror invoked by my dreams recedes.

touching their sleeping feet -
just to make sure,
I turn and tiptoe back to bed,
I will sleep again,
the dreams will return,
but for now,
for just this moment,
I am not afraid.

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