Jan 16 2013

Glenys Nellist: Kids' Ministry Matters: Just for a Moment

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It is 4pm. He wakes, still sleepy from his afternoon nap, and lifts his arms to me. I reach down and take him, wrapped in his soft blanket and we sit on the rocking chair, just for a moment. He lays his head on my shoulder and I see whisps of blonde curling softly under my chin. I hear his quiet baby breath. I feel his little heart beating with mine and just for a moment, it seems like we are one. And I close my eyes and savor this moment, because I know this stillness will not last. I could stay here forever, with him in my arms, but he is too busy. And all too soon, his trucks, and teddies, and toys will call. And they do. Reluctantly, I let him go.
And I think about God, yearning for those moments with me...when I lift my arms to him and he reaches down and I'm so close that it seems our hearts are beating together, and just for a moment, it feels like we are one. Then when the world calls, reluctantly, he lets me go.
But I will return, because like the Psalmist, it is only in these moments, when I am truly still, that I know God.
Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

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