Jan 31 2013

Trinity United Methodist Church | Blog: For Everything There is a Season

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Emily FlemmingFour SeasonsEmily Flemming / January 28, 2013
Yesterday, I finally arrived in Colorado. I have lived in this state for almost 2 years, but walking through the snowy evening yesterday on the way to my car wearing a t-shirt made me feel like I had finally, truly arrived.

The day began as many do here – with brilliant sunshine, and mid-50-degree temperatures – ok, that is not exactly normal for January! I went to class at the Iliff School of Theology around lunchtime and left my sweater, coat, scarf, hat and gloves in the car. Who needed them? Well… I did, five hours later when I emerged from the library into a winter wonderland.

As I drove to Trinity in a snowstorm to meet with the Staff Parish Relations Committee (one step in the long journey towards becoming a Certified Candidate for ministry in the Rocky Mountain Conference), I laughed to myself about how fickle and rapidly changing the weather of Colorado can be. And then I remembered Ecclesiastes 3, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” (NRSV). Yesterday offered me a time of sunshine, and a time of darkness; a time of warmth, and a time of frosty cold; a time to study my faith alone in the library, and a time to share that faith with a group from the Trinity family. Each day brings surprises and blessings – if we can only look around and notice the beauty and humor in the world around us. But I am still planning to toss a sweater into my schoolbag until spring arrives!

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