Jan 30 2013

John Meunier: Did Adam sin?

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appleWhy is what Adam and Eve did a sin?

Yes, I’m serious about this question.

Paul writes that sin entered the world through Adam.

Adam’s sin, the traditional view goes, was disobedience to the express command of God. Sin, in this view, is any breaking of the law and command of God. John Wesley added that sin must be willful or intentional breaking of God’s law.

I read someone once who argued that Paul was not calling what Adam did sin, but saying sin was the curse that God imposed as a result of Adam’s actions. Sin entered the world because of Adam but sin is not a name for what he did when he took a bite of that fruit. I’ve had others tell me — without reference to Adam — that sin is only sin if it causes some sort of harm to ourselves or others. Since God cannot be harmed, this strikes me as a definition that excludes Adam’s actions from the category of sin.

What do you think?

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