Jan 31 2013

Hopeful: Celebrating Missions

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I find over and over that my favorite mission experiences have been with smaller churches or smaller groups. I don’t mean to diss the activities of larger congregations or organizations. Certainly I connect with a number of the big ones. But I have found the best opportunities of “Ministry With….” have been with smaller groups.

I learned a lot at training with the Leadership Institute at Church of the Resurrection this last October. Certainly their Missions organization is huge. But I noticed too that many of the pieces are based on small groups.

I love the small group activities at West Allis First United Methodist Church’s Second Saturday Servants.

I love the intimacy of rice packing with Simple Hope.

I love the close sharing in Divine Intervention at Tippecanoe Church.

I love the connections we have through the United Methodist Church. But I especially love the small group ministries. I’ve shared the video at this page before, and I want to share it again, because I think it is spot on! Thanks for all that is at this site: http://www.umcmission.org/

You will find the wonderful short video that I hope to share here:

Ministry WITH

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