Jan 30 2013

The Naked Alien: Being Noisy

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I can speak religious gobbledygook 'til I'm blue in the face, but if I don't speak in love I'm just a loud fart or a phone ringing in a theatre. If I have all the knowledge of heaven and earth and I am full to the gills with faith, but am not loving - I'm just an empty shell. If I give everything I own to charity and sacrifice my time and life, but do it out of pride instead of love - I get no reward for it.
Love abides. Love is good. Love is not lust or sport or power or abuse!
Love does not control. It is not mean nor jealous. Love does not rejoice in lies or manipulation, but in truth and mutuality.
Love bears the burdens of others, lifts up others, hopes for others, and endures pain and loss.
Love is alpha and omega, has and always shall be - but religion and science comes and goes because we grasp only slippery parts. My small understanding will leave me when the totality is made known to me, for when I was a child I naturally acted like a child, then we grew up, and tried to act like an adult. For now, I only see myself in a dark and scratched looking-glass, but one day I will see God's face in the mirror. Now I grasp to retain bits of trivia, someday I will know everything (even as God knows me).
But for now: faith, hope and love hold fast - and of this trinity, love rules.
(Retelling of 1 Corinthians 13:1-13)

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