Jan 08 2013

Monica's Musings: A Resolution Worth Keeping

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Okay, I know I balked at the “new year’s resolution” concept in my previous post, but I believe that there are some that are worth starting (and keeping!).  Our church is beginning a year of reading and studying God’s Word – encouraging everyone to have a deeper faith through study of Scripture.  Last Sunday began a sermon series called “A Hop, Skip, and Jump Through the Bible” and Pastor Jan encouraged us all to get to know our Bibles.  I’m excited because, although I’ve read the Bible through several times in my life, now I can really focus on Scripture and do it along with my brothers and sisters in Christ!

Pastor Jan will be posting on her blog after reading two passages a week up until Lent begins.  Her thoughts and reflections are very moving and will help you have deeper insight into verses you thought you knew well.  Her blog is Bible365 – check it out!

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