Dec 13 2012

Sacredise: White Blood Cells

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This weekend I stumbled across an Anarchist’s Book Fair. It was interesting to see people turning out in support of the idea of doing away with civilisation and building society around "tribes". I must confess that I haven’t really studied anarchy as a philosophy, but I found the titles of some of the books on sale very thought-provoking.

Afterwards I was thinking about the world and how many ways we try to wrestle with the corruption and injustice that we face each day. I suspect the motivation of these anarchists was the same as that of many Christ-followers – seeking a more just and sustainable way to live together on this planet. I’m not sure I can agree with the principles they espouse (although I could probably find some common ground, I suspect), but I do agree with their motive. I share the longing for a world that is more peaceful, compassionate, just and sustainable. I have even found a name for such a world in the Scriptures – The Reign of God.

This made me think about the church, and what our role is in this troubled world. The image that came to me was of white blood cells, which, when infection enters the body, absorb it and flush it out, cleaning and healing the body’s systems. I cannot imagine that the time will come when every human being is a member of the church. I suspect we will always be a "tribe". But, I do believe that we’ve been called to be a tribe of white blood cells that help to clean and heal the world whenever we encounter the infections of injustice, violence, abuse, greed, oppression and exploitation. It’s not that each of us must heal the world alone, but that as we each, in our own small way, refuse to perpetuate these "infections" that afflict our world, as we absorb them (by not retaliating) and flush them out with grace and love, we contribute to making the world a healthier place.

Jesus is the example, and the Reign of God is the dream. Advent reminds us of this, and the words we associate with this season – hope, peace on earth, joy – are a call to embrace this alternative way of being in the world. Perhaps today you can be something of a white blood cell in your corner of the world!

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