Dec 20 2012

Hopeful: Wandering Into the Creche

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Wandering Into the Creche

As the air chilled just a little,
But with no snow in Wisconsin,
Still I listened to Advent hymns, long loved,
and meditated on Luke’s story with eyes wide.
Each time Gabriel arrives,
he firmly says, “Don’t be afraid.”
Interesting how we start in fear!
Interesting that God’s word can scare us right off.
Young Mary, so young, so tiny,
hair matted, hands calloused, skin sore,
trembles at the message,
and then says, “Yes.” Right away, she hears
and she obeys.
Mary, you skip and dance some in my vision,
harsh life washed away for a minute.
And quickly, off to see Elizabeth,
on a long, hard walk!
I am reminded of messages, learned lessons,
But more real here:
It is good to have mentors.
We are validated and validate each other.
We are blessed in the Word!
Patient, quiet, strong Joseph,
You teach me to be quiet and listen, patient,
to simply seize faith, to quietly act.
In the glow of the image, the joy of the manger,
a flock of stinky shepherds arrive.
Coarse, and loud at first, they pause to look and listen.
They know joy like never before.
Faces glow and smiles swell, and eyes pierce brightly,
and the shepherds connect with their hearts,
personal in relationship,
aglow, loved.
Months later come these wise, wise men,
Thanksgiving joy,
these magi teach us to give of ourselves,
freely to choose, freely to serve, freely to glorify!

(c) Tom Bolton, Milwaukee, December 16, 2012


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