Dec 26 2012

Warning: Rants May Ensue: Top 10 Musical Releases of 2012

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I know, mine is the list that matters the most in the top 10 lists, aren't they?  It feels awkward calling it a top 10 CD list because I don't buy CD's anymore...And there may come a time when I'm not buying music at all!   But, I have had some releases on rotation this year... These are not in order, but in random order!  I'm also totally open to suggestions if you have any! (Please be aware that many of these have explicit language and are not all child friendly...Truth be told even some of the music today that doesn't contain any profanity is not child friendly...I listen to this music not necessarily intentionally, but because some of my students listen to it (as do some of the people that I encounter who are not necessarily connected with a church (and some that are!)...).

1.) The Truth About Love by P!nk
I always, always love P!nk...From her incredible, breath-taking, live performances to the singles that she releases...Whenever she releases something new, I remember just how much I love her.  I love her honesty & vulnerability that she displays through her lyrics...And while we are not in the same life position, many of her songs could be my story as well...There were a few times that I sat listening to these songs just crying because I couldn't figure out how she knew exactly what I needed to hear...I adore her music.
Songs to Listen to: Try, Just Give Me A Reason, How Come You're Not Here

2.) Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
I did not watch American Idol the year Kelly was on...Well, I watched the episode announcing her the winner...She has been a little hit or miss for me throughout her career in terms of songs, but one thing is clear...This woman can SING.  She has a voice that is amazing & if you ever hear any of the covers that she does...Whew!  There is a reason she won AI & that she continues to release hits!  Most of the time, with her music, I don't like it until a song has been on the radio for a million years (and then I like her whole album...). This was a pretty similar situation...In fact, I debated whether or not to get the whole thing!  But again, her voice is amazing.
Songs to Listen to: Dark Side, I Forgive You, Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

3.) Beautiful Things by Gungor
The very first time I heard the song Beautiful Things by Gungor, I knew I would absolutely love everything that was released...I have not been disappointed.  Beautiful Things is a song that continues to sing my soul over & over...It's a song that sings my soul even when I don't want it to be true...I love this so much because it helps to remind me of what I believe when I just can't...
Songs to Listen to: Beautiful Things, Please Be My Strength, Dry Bones

4.) Overexposed by Maroon 5
I kind of love Adam Levine...I know, a million people do...and he's a little dirty...But I kind of love him.  Maroon 5 is usually awesome, but it takes me awhile to warm up to them...I think because I became obsessed with Adam Levine on The Voice, it didn't take quite as long!  I love the poppy sound And the higher quality of Adam Levine's voice...I totally wish that I could see them live, but maybe someday?
Songs to Listen to: Daylight, Beautiful Goodbye, Love Somebody

5.) Babel by Mumford & Sons
I know, how #hipster to put Mumford & Sons on my list...But I really do adore them so much...The folksy vibe...The deep lyrics...The faith content...Oh, so good...Every song hits me in a different way at a different time...The only thing I will say is I can't listen to this without wanting to wax poetic or think deeply...This is not dancing around my house music.  But I love it.
Songs to Listen to: I Will Wait, Hopeless Wanderer, Ghosts That We Knew

6.) Brokenness Aside by All Sons & Daughters
I saw All Sons & Daughters at the Story Conference this year & loved them so much...Such beautiful sound...Now, the conference itself spoke so deeply to my spirit, so I know that I attach much to them as well...But I love the music & can't wait to hear more from them!
Songs to Listen to: Brokenness Aside, All the Poor & Powerless, Alive

7.) Some Nights by Fun.
After We Are Young kind of exploded, I was kind of sick of them...I'm not going to lie...I was thinking-- this was going to be the only thing we would hear from them...But I decided to give them a chance...Thank God I did!  I can listen to them and want to think or I can listen to them & turn my brain off...Nice either way!
Songs to Listen to: Stars, Some Nights, All Alone

8.) The Heist by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
One of my newest obsessions...I stumbled on them with the song Thrift Store...It was just before they appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show & I had heard so much buzz around them, I figured I should check them out!  It reminds me a little bit of rap meets ska (but not really)...Some really great hooks & some deep lyrics as well!  I know I'm just getting to know their music, but I'm really liking what I'm hearing so far!
Songs to Listen to: Same Love, Thrift Store, Can't Hold Us

9.) Blown Away by Carrie Underwood
I have never wanted to like Carrie Underwood...I didn't like her when she was on AI...I didn't want her to win...I don't want to like her...But guess what...I usually do.  I always fight it so hard when she releases something...In my mind, I'm like "no..So gross, right?" and then all of the sudden, I'm singing along! Truth is, she really can sing & she's come a long way in terms of stage presence...Maybe I'm a fan?  Maybe I won't go that far yet...
Songs to Listen to: 2 Black Cadillacs, Blown Away, Who Are You

10.) Channel ORANGE by Frank Ocean
This might be the only controversial one in my mind on here...I can't decide what I think about it...But it was on heavy rotation for awhile...I loved Frank Ocean on SNL when he was the musical guest...I think most of the time this was on, I was not paying attention...Which is ok...But the songs that would grab me, I could just lose myself in...It was mostly the hooks that snagged me & while I wouldn't necessarily say that I could find myself in the lyrics, I certainly found ones that I could sing along with or just be lost in...So, it's a toss up for me on this one...On the one hand I don't know that I've listened closely enough to it to judge...But, on the other hand, I listened to this constantly!  So...Here it is!
Songs to Listen to: Thinkin Bout You, Pyramids, Lost

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