Dec 29 2012

The Naked Alien: Sacrifice of a Child Part 2:

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(He Qi)

Every year, Jesus' family went to the holy city to worship and sacrifice. One year, when he was twelve, his parents got half way home before they noticed that he wasn't among the pack of kids! Panicked, they rushed back to the city, looking desperately everywhere they could think of. Finally, after a horrible three days they had started to fear was dead. But there he was, happily sitting with the elders in Temple playing Trivial Pursuit! He had been having so much fun that he had lost track of time... Oy!
His mom said: "Boy! What did we do to deserve this? Your dad and I have been sick with worry!"
The boy answered: "I was here all the time - why didn't you look for me here first instead of last? Where else would I be but at my Father's House?"
In their terror at the loss of their baby boy, all the visitations and harking and heralding clean had eluded them - they had no idea what he was talking about! He got up, and went back with them. His mother treasured all he did and said in the scrapbook of her heart.
As time went by, the youth grew in stature - both physical and spiritual. He was a good boy.
(Retelling of Luke 2:41-52)

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