Dec 11 2012

Sandpiper's Thoughts: Peace

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In the devotional I read today, written by Candace Lewis and published in Disciplines, the author talks about a village in Ghana, West Africa.  The well the village used for water was damaged, so they dug deeper, in the same well, to find another water supply.  They were able to accomplish their task, and clean water sprung up from the well, amid praises to God.

What will we find if we dig deeper?  What live-giving water will spring forth?

I've been thinking alot about peace lately.  At last week's Advent luncheon at St. Marks, where my office is located, Janet talked about God's peace.  It made me ask, "What is peace?"  We all want peace of mind, peace and quiet, a peaceful Christmas -- but what does that mean?  I don't think it's the same as God's peace.

She said God is the only one who can give peace.  It's a gift, I imagine, like grace is a gift?  But what does it mean? 

God certainly doesn't leave us at peace -- he nags and prods, pushing and pulling us until we get up and follow. 

Perhaps God's peace is found in the stillness.  Be still, and know that I am God.  Does peace lie here?  Does the knowledge of the presence of God bring us peace?  Grant us peace?

Don't read this and think, "Wow, what's going on with her that she is looking so hard for peace?"  I feel at peace, but I'm just digging deeper to understand it better.

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