Dec 21 2012

Lake NeuronLake Neuron: Papaw’s parcel post

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My paternal grandfather, John Vernon Carney Sr., died just a few days shy of my fifth birthday. I just barely remember him, and many of those memories have to do with him being sick and everyone being sad about it. Even so, I never knew my other grandfather, George Ira Jones, at all. He died less than a month before I was born. (I didn’t realize until tonight how close both deaths were to my birthday.)

Papaw, as we called my paternal grandfather, was head of parcel post at the downtown Nashville post office (the building which is now the Frist Center for the Visual Arts). I sometimes think of him this time of year, when so many packages are being sent and received. The internet may have cut down on some types of paper mail, but online businesses mean there are still plenty of packages rushing here and there through the postal system, as well as its for-profit competitors. Some packages even use both – Amazon seems to use a lot of the FedEx Smartpost system, which uses FedEx to move packages cross-country before putting them into the hands of USPS for the last leg of their journey, including delivery.

Of course, I also wonder what Papaw would think about the post office being turned into an art museum.

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