Dec 13 2012

Hopeful: My Faith, Fragile, Help my Faith

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Thinking about, and writing about, my faith.

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

My Faith, fragile, Help my Faith

I believe, I believe, I believe,
I believe, and yet:
Help my unbelief today and yesterday and all this week and forever.
How can it be?
Redeemed and healed, I am often filled with joy,
And yet,
Where does this unbelief come from? Where was it hidden?
Was it hidden at all?
When this faith becomes doubtful of itself,
it stands in temptation again,
as it was in the beginning, in the edge of the garden.
Fragile in our faith, we are sorely tested
each day.
But we have not been saved by our faith.   It was
God’s love—his grace—in Jesus that saves us.
It is our faith that takes us there to gaze on Jesus,
To grab hold of His grace, His forgiveness, His empowerment;
Lord, I ride my faith to return to your power.
My faith is in a great, great God.  handhead
Yet my faith can be so small;
Help me Lord.

© Tom Bolton, December 12, 2012, Milwaukee

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