Dec 27 2012

An uncommon path: My Brompton folding bike is here!

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There she is! My lovely old Brompton M3L.

I Won this classic folding bike in an auction on eBay! She's old and a bit scratched. But I am pleased to have a classic Brompton for cycling while I travel! And I cannot complain about the price! What is more is that is was for sale from a guy in Norwich, so while we have been holidaying in Wickmere I popped out to meet him at the station and collect it. Benny showed me how to fold and unfold the bike.

I'll post some more about this classic old beauty in the days ahead.

Now I just have to get the bike home to Cape Town! It is small enough to fit into a regular suitcase - so that is probably what I will do, pack it with my clothes and check it in.

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