Dec 20 2012

Hopeful: Lessons from the Nativity Set

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In the message at First United Methodist Church of West Allis this past Sunday, we contemplated a few of the lessons we learn by pondering the scripture associated with some of the main characters that we see as we look at our nativity sets in home or at church. The lectionary reading about John the Baptist set us to thinking about this good news. These were the 6 takeaway lessons for us after contemplating the angel, Mary, Joseph, Mary and Elizabeth, the shepherds, and the wise men:

Listen to angels and act with faith.
Accept your servant-hood: Here I am Lord!
Like Joseph, quietly listen and obey.
Find your mentor and be a mentor. Affirm God in someone’s life and be affirmed.
Let good news become great joy.
Make giving central to worship: Give your life in service to Jesus.

As I contemplated the lessons, I kept hearing the voice of Linus Van Pelt, encouraging Charlie Brown:

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