Dec 21 2012

Lake NeuronLake Neuron: It’s a little-known life

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I’m watching Craig Ferguson’s monologue from last night, and he makes the comment that he’s surprised Hollywood hasn’t tried to do a modern remake of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” (He’s not saying they should, only that he’s surprised they haven’t.)

But they have.

“It Happened One Christmas” was a 1977 TV movie that was an official remake of “It’s A Wonderful LIfe,” only with some gender swaps. The central character is Mary Bailey (played by Marlo Thomas, only six years after “That Girl” went off the air), and her guardian angel is Clara Oddbody, played by Cloris Leachman. The love of Mary’s life is George Hatch, played by Wayne Rogers, best known as “Trapper John” from the first few years of the “M*A*S*H” TV show. Rogers, by the way, is an active alumnus of The Webb School in Bell Buckle. Orson Welles (!) plays Mr. Potter, and Christopher Guest (!!) plays Harry Bailey.

Weirdly enough, according to IMDb, it’s set in 1944, the same time frame as the original. They didn’t take the opportunity to modernize the story, only to swap out the main character’s gender.

I have never seen this. I doubt it poses any real challenge to the original, but one of these days I’d like to see it once, just out of curiosity. It seems to be available, though perhaps illegally, on YouTube.

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