Dec 21 2012

Nikos: Hoping for the End of the World…

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A friend of mine in the church offers this very insightful take on today's "end of the world" prediction:
Here we are on December 21 and so far the prediction of the end of the world doesn’t seem to be accurate. I hope they are right about the end of the world if they meant this:
1. The end of a world where grieving parents thank those who mourn their murdered children
2. The end of a world where people with mental illness can’t find the help they need to function
3. The end of a world where political preferences become rigid dogmas that destroy relationships and the hope of compromise
4. The end of a world where people stop seeing the suffering around them and ignore those in need
5. The end of a world where families are fractured by addiction, violence and hate
6. The end of a world where faith is a scaual and inactive part of our everyday lives
7. The end a world where despair covers hope in darkness an the end of a world where we forget that Christmas is a day to rededicate ourselves to living our lives in such a way that a new world of hope, love, forgiveness and constant striving to build a world of justice and peace is our focus.

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