Dec 15 2012

An Ounce of Love: Hearts broken wide open

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40 chapters of tragedy bombards Job.

Then out of the whirlwind, the Lord spoke.

We are too often waiting without listening. Our words crumble in the air-completely insufficient, but God’s message for us heals all hearts, covers all sins, and sprinkles new life into our bones.

We pray for God to light the hands He’d have us hold.

Bring me to Your bridges; take me to Your trolls; let me love Your lonely.

We have found the lonely. The are grieving. They are frightened. They are broken. They are violent. They are empty.

God has shown us His lost; we have seen His lonely.

Let us inform them that they are also His beloved.

Let us transform them into His loyal.

We have found the lonely. The Lord has lit these trembling hands with the intensity of gunshots and wailing families.

Now it is up to us to hold them.

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