Dec 11 2012

Wrestled With Angels: Guest Post: Shelby Thayer (The World Race)

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shelby thayerIt’s Christmas time. Everyone is breaking out Grandma’s special Christmas cookie recipe, untangling the lights, setting up the Elf on the Shelf and preparing for an 11 month journey to 11 countries to share the love of our Savior. Or is that just me?

In 7 months I will be leaving on The World Race. I will pack everything into a backpack and follow the great commission by going and making disciples of all nations. I will travel to 11 different countries over 11 months acting as the hands and feet of the Jesus to the people of the world. Knowing that I am going to be gone all of next year, this Christmas is starting to mean a little bit more than years before. I am trying to noticing and file away all of the special little details of this season to have for next year. As much as these include the cookies and lights it is also the spirit of the season. Christmas is all about Jesus’ birth but I cannot help to think about His life and the reason God sent His only son to live among us. Jesus was fully human when He was here and He gave us an example of how we are supposed to live our lives. He calls us to follow Him, to drop our nets and pick up our cross and follow. So, as we are all thinking about the little baby in the manger, do not forget that little baby will eventually ask you to drop your life and follow Him, and not just during the Christmas season when it is easy to give and serve. I am learning what it truly means to put down your nets, your current life, and follow. It is not easy, I have no idea what to expect this next year, but I know I am following my Faithful Savior and this Christmas season I am going to admire His birth even more because I know who He is going to become.

If you want to join me in this glorious adventure and help me raise the $15,500 I will need to live off for the year, you can join my 12.12.12 campaign. I am asking for only $12 in support on December 12th 2012. I cannot do this alone, and I want as many people to be a part of this experience because God is all over it and I do not want to keep that to myself. To donate go to my blog: http://shelbythayer.theworldrace.org/ and click support me on the left.Donations can be given through my blog shelbythayer.theworldrace.org. There is a “Support Me” button on the left hand side which will take you to the Adventures In Missions site, where you will be able to donate. There is also a Facebook Page for the event with all the information. The event is 12.12.12 created by Shelby Thayer.

If you want to know more you can visit my blog, shelbythayer.theworldrace.org, The World Race website, www.theworldrace.org, or just email me, sathayer11@aol.com.

Thank you and be blessed.

In His love,

Shelby Thayer

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