Dec 14 2012

Lake NeuronLake Neuron: Get cracking

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Earlier in the week, a former co-worker brought by a couple of thoughtful holiday gifts for the newsroom – a fruit basket and a small basket of mixed nuts, still in the shell.

We’ve been munching on the fruit, but the nuts were just sitting there, with no way to crack. This afternoon, the editor asked me if I wanted to take them home.

For many years, my mother made Chex snack mix – which we know in our family as “nuts and bolts” – each holiday season. This led to a Thanksgiving tradition of everyone, on Thanksgiving Day, cracking nuts as we sat around the living room watching TV. A week or two after Thanksgiving, Mom would hand me a big margarine tub full of nuts and bolts, which I would take to the paper and share with my co-workers.

We kept up that tradition even after Mom’s passing, with Dad making the nuts and bolts. But this year, we had a strange family schedule. We ate out, and we weren’t really hanging out during the day. Dad is still on the mend from nearly losing his thumb.

Anyway, when Sadie offered me the basket of nuts I eagerly accepted. I bought a nutcracker this evening at Kroger.

I also bought a box of Chex; I may try to make a small batch of snack mix. It won’t be like Mom’s or Dad’s. I may season it to suit myself. I need some pretzels; I think I’ll skip the Cheerios, since this will be a small batch anyway.

I’ve already cracked about half the nuts. I’m taking a break and I’ll get back to them later in the evening.

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