Dec 18 2012

Dale Tedder: Gentlemen’s Society

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The Gentlemen’s Society is a great program in Texas, teaching young boys how to become men. Here’s a blurb from their website…

The Gentlemen’s Society is a program designed to mentor young men, between the ages of 8 -18, educating them about life choices, self-respect, and goals.  Participants in the program attend weekly, structured courses that include lessons about conflict management, communication, manners, college preparation, personal responsibility and citizenship.

Members of our program participate in Educational Enrichment Functions (“outings”) after school in order to enhance, and test, the course message.  The objectives of the program are to provide young men with the opportunity to gain knowledge about life outside of their home community, and to feel confident in any situation, challenge or task.

Check out the video below, which is part of the Stepping Up curriculum.

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