Dec 18 2012

Trinity United Methodist Church | Blog: Discussing Newtown Tragedy with Children

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Following the recent tragedy in Newtown, Conn., pastors at Trinity reached out to Dr. Katherine Turpin, Associate Professor of Religious Education at Iliff School of Theology, to seek her recommendation on how best to speak with children about the tragedy. Dr. Turpin shared the following:

Dr. Katherine Turpin“I think lament is the practice most called for, along with intercessory prayer. For children, it’s tricky because some know more than others. I’m not sure what I would introduce intentionally to younger children, say in Sunday school. But if they bring it up, I think asking what they know about it, what they are thinking about it, and working to reassure a sense that they are safe today in their school settings, that lots of good people are working with the families, and that the church is where a lot of the families went for support and prayer is good. For parents, encouraging them to limit their children’s exposure to media coverage is critical. It can be needlessly traumatizing.”

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