Dec 14 2012

The Naked Alien: Dirty John Keeps It Real:

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(Pieter Bruegel the Elder)

The fire jumped from his eyes to his lips as Dirty John said to those who gathered around him: "You are a petri dish full of toxic germs! Did Satan warn you to run and hide from the storm to come? Start bearing good and worthy fruit! Don't try to convince yourselves that you're "chosen". Chosen? Chosen my ass! God can take this rock digging into my foot and make it a better child of Abraham than you! As we speak, a chainsaw is laying at the foot of each tree - waiting, waiting. Every tree that goes fruitless, or bears nasty sour fruit shall be cut down and turned into firewood to warm the rest of us on cold nights!"
He was preaching up a storm within their heads. They asked: "Dirty John! What can we do to bear good fruit?"
As he smiled, you could see a locust leg sticking out from between a couple of his teeth:
"If you have more than one coat, give all the extras to anyone who needs one - anyone! Not just those you think are worthy of your worthless old rags...
"If you have food, share a meal with anyone, anyone, who does not!"
Tax collectors asked him what they could do: "Quit taking more than what is due and keeping it for yourselves!"
Soldiers asked him what they could do; "Do not abuse your power and might. Defend the powerless and weak."
They were eating up this abuse! The excited crowd ask Dirty John if he were the long  anticipated Messiah: "I baptize you with river water, but one is coming who I'm not even worthy to wash his feet! He will baptize and anoint you not with the polluted water of the world, but with the fire of the Holy Spirit! THE HARVEST IS COMING - REPENT!"
And so, with much shouting and haranguing, Dirty John spread the Good News.

(Retelling of Luke 3:7-18)

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