Dec 27 2012

Hopeful: Daily in the Bible

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I started listening to the Daily Audio Bible in 2009, and Karen and I started listening together in 2010. I’ve found it to be a great way to stay in the Word on a regular basis. Brian Hardin started the podcast in 2006, and he does an exceptional job of reading each day.

I want to share this video that DAB put together this year. I think it captures the elements of the podcast very well.

Here is what I wrote about the Daily Audio Bible in a review a few years ago, and I still believe this:

Life Changing Bible Time
Listening on a daily basis is life-changing. It works especially well if you read along. Brian Hardin does an excellent job with this podcast.

Daily Audio Bible, downloaded over 55 million times, is wrapping up its seventh year as one of the most-listened-to podcasts in the world. With over 1.5 million monthly listens, DAB has become one of the world wide web’s biggest Bible connections.

In late 2005, GRAMMY® and Dove Award nominated Christian music producer Brian Hardin (Larry Norman, Manic Drive, Jill Parr) woke up from a dream where he felt he should “podcast the Bible.” The podcast has grown rapidly since then and Hardin has broadcast Bible readings over 2,550 days in a row now.

For me, it is a good start to each day.

You may want to read more about it at the DAB web page:

About Daily Audio Bible

January 1 is a good day to start this adventure.

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