Dec 18 2012

Wrestled With Angels: Carry The Torch of Adoption (Guest Blog: Karla Reinhart)

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karlaEvery year at Christmas time I find myself sitting on my couch staring at the lights and ornaments on my Christmas tree. Thoughts of Jesus’ birth, blessings, family, and the less fortunate are just a few thoughts that run through my head as I stare aimlessly at my tree.

But, for the past couple of years, thoughts and questions of Mary (mother of Jesus) have flooded my mind. Thoughts of how young Mary must have truly felt as Gabriel visited her and delivered “the news.” Mary didn’t back down, she didn’t try passing the torch on to someone else. As a virgin, carrying the Messiah for 9 months and giving birth to him must have been truly indescribable. I can’t help but wonder what kind of thoughts were running through Mary’s mind during her pregnancy. God gave her a task to carry out, and it required a lot of faith and trust on her part. He chose an ordinary woman with an obedient heart to deliver a mighty calling. She carried the torch.


As a woman/mother who is passionate about orphans/waiting children, I find myself thinking about how many women (and families) around the world are being called to carry the torch of adoption, but they are allowing fear and lack of obedience to keep them from helping a child in need. “The call” of adoption is big. It’s bigger than what most people can wrap their minds around because there are so many gray areas and “what ifs” that paralyze most people from moving from thought to taking action. While there are 210 million orphans/waiting children around the world, I can’t help but wonder how many torches of adoption are being doused with water or being handed off to someone else.

This Christmas I pray that the families who are being called to carry “the torch of adoption” will carry out the calling with faith and trust in the Lord.

God uses ordinary people just like Mary to fulfill HIS purposes and plans.

Matthew 19:26 “But with God all things are possible”


Karla is a member of Liberty Hill United Methodist Church. Along with Molly Elkins, she is co- founder of His Heart Adoption and Orphan Care Ministry. Find out more about His Heart at their blog: http://hisheartadoption.blogspot.com/

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