Nov 13 2012

Commonplace Holiness: Yes, Justin’s Book Has Arrived on My iPad

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TornYes, Justin Lee’s new book Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate downloaded from Amazon onto my iPad this morning.

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    Lee is a practicing homosexual that does not believe God’s apostles condemned homosexuality and is in favor of full inclusion.
    I would recommend reading Construction of Homosexuality by David F. Greenberg, to get some understanding of the history of homosexuality, After the Ball by Kirk and Madison to come to an understanding of what exactly is going on and Forgetting How to Blush by Booth that would be of special interest to the UMC members along with Lee’s book.

    Homosexuality was not always frowned upon or discriminated against. The Greeks and late Romans where very tolerant. The Greeks thinking woman of little use and Nero who had some of the apostles put to death where very “out” with their preference of same sex partners. After all it was Nero who would wed two of his same sex partners. Many men in Athens were bisexual. Socrates had a relationship with the son of Anytus and was charged with corruption of youth. (His trial is available online.)

    So the history of GLBT and where and what impact the teaching of the Christian Church had on culture are important to understand.
    History points in a very different direction than Lee claims.
    History point in the direction that Christian/Jewish position on immorality were the primary reason GLBT practices would become unacceptable and pretty much eradicated, frowned upon and discouraged.

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