Nov 15 2012

Mercy not Sacrifice: Three images about Gaza that speak for themselves

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My heart is sick at what is happening in Gaza right now. I can’t think clearly enough to write with the sensitivity that I want to have in saying anything about that conflict so I’m going to minimize what I say for now, but I need you to see three things so you can understand [...]

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  1. C. Chappell Temple

    Here is another video that adds some further insight perhaps. The little Palestianian girl in red pants is upset because the Israeli Defense Forces have arrested her 15 year old brother. But notice all the cameras around the scene– someone is clearly expecting something to happen, perhaps the IDF to push a child that can then be documented. What is interesting, however, is to note that the children don’t seem at all to be afraid of the IDF– they push them, scream in their faces and even spit– not signs of children who have grown up terrified by the brutality of the occupying Israeli soldiers. The whole situation is obviously tragic and I have no doubt but that atrocities have occured on both sides. But there does seem to be reason to be cautious before accepting one side’s story uncritically, or putting all the blame on either Israel or the Palestinians.

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