Nov 20 2012

Sparta FUMC Youth!: The present…

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One of the big issues that adults struggle with is our inability to live totally in the present. Children live moment to moment. They do not worry about the future and unless prompted, do not waste their time in the past. 

What kind of change would it make in our day to day living if we dealt only with what was happening "right now"? In order to accomplish this feat, we must continually remind ourselves that what is most important is happening in the here and now. We need to "master our minds" so that each time we find our thoughts wandering, we return to the most important time we have...the right now. We are not guaranteed any more than that...to believe it is ours keeps us from wholly trusting that God is in control and will be in charge no matter what occurs.

Faith that our lives are the concern of God and knowledge that we have the Creator of the universe laying out our path, frees us to be the children God calls us to be...

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