Nov 18 2012

Thoughts From The Heart On The Left: “The End of the Christian Year Numbers Game”

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I had some questions come up the other day that I am trying to answer. In light of the Call to Action and its perceived reliance on numbers, what is the relationship between the number of people who are members of a particular local United Methodist Church and the number of people who attend each Sunday? Is there a particular percentage that says whether or not the church is healthy and growing?

I know that there was a number bandied about a few years ago that said that a second service was possible when a certain percentage was achieved for the first service.

And what do you do about the inactive members on a church membership list? Are we going to keep them on or will we ultimately remove them before death does it for us?

Is there any concern in the Call to Action to reach out to those missing members or are we concern about just getting more people?

Just some thoughts as we come to the end of a liturgical calendar year and begin the part of the new year when attendance picks up and we may or may not meet our financial goals without the need for the traditional end-of-the-year fund raiser and bake sale.

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