Nov 16 2012

The Naked Alien: Tarnished Bling

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(“Tree of Life” by Tiffany)
On the way out of church one Sunday morning, a student pastor exclaimed: "Wow! Did you see the amazing stained-glass windows and beautiful altarpiece?"

Jesus replied: "So you like this church? Not one bit of it will long remain standing." 
He sat down in the park across from the church with his best seminarians: Pete, Jim, John and Andy.

"Professor," they asked, "when will this church fall? What warnings should we be looking for?"
Jesus began to teach: "Watch out for those who would lead you wrong with fear and hopelessness. Many will come who claim to speak for me, and many more will believe them. Many will be lost to the dark side. When you hear about all the wars going on, or worry about all the wars that could erupt at any second, do not fear. These things happen in a fleshy world. It doesn't mean that the end-times have come or are right around the corner. Nations will rise up against other nations as they always have. Rulers will vent venom on other rulers as they always have. There will be earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes as there have always been. There will be plagues and famines as there has always been. Membership will dwindle and giving will decline. These are not the signs you seek. These are not harbingers of the end, but the labor pains of the Kingdom coming into the world.

(Retelling of Mark13:1-8)

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