Nov 03 2012

John Meunier: Souls or churches?

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Here is what I keep tripping over.

What is the relationship between fostering discipleship in individuals and building up congregations? What I’m trying to understand is whether the center of focus for a pastor should be individuals or the group. Of course, the two things are related, but the nature of time and limited resources means the focus must go somewhere. You can’t focus everywhere.

Are we saving souls or building churches?

It feels as if the central concern of the denomination these days is the second, the group. The Call to Action is explicit about this. The goal of our energy should be creating vital congregations. Pastors are called to build a strong, vibrant, sustainable organization. This is what I hear.

Is that the case?

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  1. dirk

    surely there is an aspect of being in relation to, communion with, others that is necessary to the maturity of the individual soul and vice versa, however the Call to Action seems more focused on the growth of institutions than the deepening of souls/relationships, the looming question is what bottom line do we serve not just in rhetoric but in daily action?

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