Nov 06 2012

Sunday's Child: Sacrifice, a Reflection on Mark 12:41-44

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Jesus was watching different people make their financial contributions. He noticed that rich people give more money than poor people. After all, the rich have more money. Even after they make a big donation, they have plenty left to enjoy. A poor person doesn't have much to start with.

He saw a poor widow contribute a couple of small coins.

Jesus called his disciples over to make an important point to them, that what the widow had contributed, as small as it was, was greater than what any of the rich people had given. She had given all that she had.

She acted out for them the commandments that Jesus had just reminded them were the most important, to love the Lord our God and to love our neighbor. This widow chose not to use her resources to build herself up, but, instead, gave all she had.

Soon, Jesus will give all he has.

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