Nov 21 2012

The Naked Alien: Revelatory #Poetry :

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(Limbourg Brothers)

Grace to y'all
Shalom from He
Who is, was, shall
Shalom from the
Sevenly ghosts
Before the Host
Peace of the Son
Witness of truth
Death's firstborn
Ruler of the Earth
And all its kings
Let's together sing
To our bridegroom
To our emancipator
He made a Kingdom
He made us pastors
In Him lies the glory
In Him lies our story
Down through clouds
All will see Him stride
Even the blind crowds
Who pierced His side
In fear they'll seek haven
So be it upon us, amen
"I AM at once the Start
And the final End of all"
The Lord of my heart
He who is, was, shall
Shalom from Patmos
To the seven outposts
(Revelation 1:4b-8 retold by Tiwago)

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