Nov 15 2012

Hopeful: Praise the Lord

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Psalm 113

Praise the LORD !

You who serve the LORD —praise!

Praise the LORD ’s name!

Let the LORD ’s name be blessed

from now until forever from now!

From sunrise to sunset,

let the LORD ’s name be praised!

The LORD is high over all the nations;

God’s glory is higher than the skies!

Who could possibly

compare to the LORD our God?

God rules from on high;

he has to come down

to even see heaven and earth!

God lifts up the poor from the dirt

and raises up the needy

from the garbage pile

to seat them with leaders—

with the leaders of his own people!

God nests the once barren woman

at home—

now a joyful mother with children!

Praise the LORD !

Psalm 113

Common English Bible

God lifts up the poor from the dirt.  I have seen several examples of this in my missions work this past year.  That is a great encouragement!  And this Psalm is a great encouragement today.  I am liking the CEB version most days.

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