Nov 14 2012

The Naked Alien: #Poetry – Hannah’s Bodacious Prayer:

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My heart races
With his presence.
And muscles grow
With His strength.
I spit on my foes.
Enjoying my victory.
Only God is holy.
Only God is God.
No rock is there
Stronger than He.
Stop all your boasting.
Shut your selfish lips.
Your words? Weightless!
The God of Knowledge
Will weigh your actions.
The strong'll be weakened.
The weak'll be strengthened.
Those with full bellies
Are just prostitutes.
Those who're hungry
Will be made fat.
The fruitless will bear fruit.
While proud parents
Will be be abandoned.
The Lord takes life.
The Lord gives life.
The Lord fills hell.
The Lord empties hell.
The Lord created us all,
Both the poor and the rich.
He brings low the exalted.
He exalts the lowly.
From their dirt floors
He raises the poor.
From the ashes of their lives
He lifts up the needy.
He makes them royalty.
He sits them in thrones.
He has created the worlds
And made them alive.
He watches over His little ones
And evil shall be no more.
For might 
     does not 
          make right.
My God!
Those who oppose
Shall be broken.
He will thunder.
He will judge.
He will empower
His anointed one.
Praise be
The anointed one.
(1 Samuel 2:1-10 retold by Tiwago)

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