Nov 19 2012

The Naked Alien: #Poetry – David’s Last Psalm:

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(Le Roi David by Marc Chagall)

The last words of King David
Last words of Jesse's child
Last words of God's exalted
Last words of God's anointed
Last words of God's favorite
Were God's everlasting words:
"The Spirit of God is on me
My tongue - but His words
I prophesy what He speaks
Our Strength He said to me:
'One who rules
Over My people
Ruling in justice
Ruling in wisdom
Is the glory of dawn
Is the new sun
In a clear sky
Is the twinkle
Of rain drops
In the pasture
'My rule was such
God and I together
Swore each an oath
Order and security
My cause to prosper
'But the godless
Are cut brambles
Too thorny to touch
With bare hands
So they must
Be burned up
Then and there.'"
(Retelling of 2 Samuel 23:1-7 by Tiwago)

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