Nov 12 2012

Pursuing Godly Manhood: Our Post-Christian Culture

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My bookshelves are loaded with countless titles that take a look at post-Christian this and post-Christian that. For years I had a sneaking suspicion that these books were a little over the top. A bit of hyperbole goes a long way. However, over the last decade or so, it’s finally dawned on me how apt the phrase, “post-Christian” is to define our own culture here in the good ol’ USA.

All the books from George Barna and his various associates that warned the church repeatedly that you can’t continue to lose generation after generation of professing Christian youth have proven most observant and/or prophetic. Of course, the church abdicating her various other responsibilities to the wider culture, not to mention the loss of any sort of distinctive Christian home, have certainly helped us achieve our present situation.

(I can remember countless comments I’ve heard over the years from folks of older generations who would often tell me something along the lines of, “In my day, we didn’t go around talking about our faith like  folks do today.” Two thoughts: First, if that premise is true, then it explains, in part, much of the loss of our culture to the secular world. My other thought is that I only wish that there were more folks today taking a stand for their faith… in every sphere of their lives.)

At any rate, I’ve read several great articles recently that focus on what “post-Christian”really means. Two fantastic articles that are well worth reading are both by James Emery White. (You can find the links below)

The Old Testament tells us that the Tribe of Issachar  consisted of men who knew the times in which they lived and were able to advise Israel regarding what it should do. The Church today is in need of  godly men and women who have not checked out but who, like foreign missionaries, know the culture in which they live, and can help steer the church as it seeks to faithfully represent our Lord and to share his Gospel with a dark and decaying world.

By the way, one of the ways to be a faithful member of the Tribe of Issachar is to subscribe and read (cover to cover) WORLD Magazine.

Grace and Truth,

The 2012 Tipping Point by James Emery White

Here’s an excerpt…

America as a nation is now, without doubt, decisively post-Christian. This does not mean is it non-Christian, or anti-Christian, simply post-Christian. To be post-Christian means that the very memory of the gospel is fading. This declaration has nothing to do with who won the election. It’s not even about the overall statement the nation made through the election on social issues. It’s about reminding those who may be in shock over the various votes and decisions that this was simply a reflection of who we have become.   Religious “nones” now make up one of every five in our nation.  To use a biblical metaphor, we have gone from an Acts 2 culture to an Acts 17 culture; we no longer live among the God-fearing Jews of Jerusalem, but reside firmly among the populace of Mars Hill.

Click here to read the whole article.

You will also want to read, Future Shock, also by James Emery White.

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