Nov 20 2012

Next Step Evangelism: Maxie’s Weekly Word

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The movie, Undefeated, won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature of the year. It is the story of Manassas, a Memphis school, but more, it’s the story of commitment and believing as one man pours his life into a failing football team and brings them to a winning season for the first time in the history of the school The film is not about football, it is about hope and trust and one person making a difference.

It is the story of the love of a team by a coach, and a team for a coach who promised them hope if they would only believe in themselves.

I saw the film on the night it premiered in Memphis. The theater was packed and the excitement could be felt. But it is not just a feel good experience. The story exposes and deals with knotty issues like relationships, poverty, race and class, parenting, character, and the power of role models. I was thrilled with the movie Blind Side, but I think I’m more thrilled with Undefeated. I urge you to see it. It will be good for you because it is a powerful witness to making life matter.


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