Nov 09 2012

JohnLeek.com: Let’s Change Our Theology Because Barack Obama Was Re-Elected

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I like Barack Obama, if you'd like to disagree feel free to leave a respectful comment, but I was quite surprised to see The United Methodist Reporter promoting a blog post by a United Methodist Pastor in the Dallas area.

The basic thesis of his post is this:

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Because Democrats have done well in the popular vote in recent presidential elections our country is more liberal than conservative. It is trending in that direction, but our United Methodist Church remains more conservative than liberal. We would be best served by changing to appeal to a younger, more liberal Democratic coalition.


There are some things Christians ought to be "conservative" on and other things where they ought to be "liberal" and other things where in good conscience they may disagree, but...

... when is it good for the Church to look to the culture and popular opinion first? It is my understanding that the the Church has been best when it has sought direction almost exclusively in pleasing God. Early Christians faced death for refusing emperor worship. They didn't compromise on that. Courageous Mississippi United Methodists like Maxie Dunnam opposed the evil of racism as a violation of God's will. They paid a price for that. In those cases, and many others, "popular opinion" was wrong, but the Gospel didn't change.

We don't take our lead from the majority, we take our lead from our King.

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