Nov 23 2012

Sacredise: Learning to Belong

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Learning to Belong Cover My new book has finally launched! On Sunday, Learning to Belong, the first book in a new series called Learning to Live, was introduced to the world. The series is a devotional exploration of how the practices of Christian worship teach us to live abundantly, justly, compassionately, generously, graciously, mindfully and connectedly. Learning to Belong draws on the first four practices that together make up the gathering moment of worship (gathering, call to worship, invocation and greeting) and shows how these practices teach us to be at home in God’s world. While each practice is transforming in itself, when these four are grouped together in worship, they teach us how to live with a deeper connection to God, to ourselves, to one another and to the world.

Learning to Belong is written in a devotional format. Each of the 28 days provides a reading, a reflection, a practice to use through the day, and breath-prayer to carry through the day. The content is designed to engage both the mind and the heart. In addition, there is a guide for small groups for each week, based on the reflections of the previous seven days. These guides include ice-breakers, worship suggestions (specifically designed for the small group setting), readings and discussion questions.

If you’re looking for ways to deepen your own sense of connection in the world, or if you want to live with a deeper sense of being at home in God’s world, this book is for you. It also makes a great Christmas gift (even if I do say so myself!).

As a small taste, I’ll be blogging excerpts from the book from time to time over the next few weeks. But, if you’d like to see a better sample, or if you want to order the book, take a look at this information page on Sacredise.com.

Here’s today’s excerpt:

You don’t have to trek through the Antarctic to know that this world can feel like a very hostile place. Evil exists and suffering is universal. This reality has led some people to question the existence of God, and others to seek safety in isolation from others. But, as people of faith have discovered through the centuries, it is only as we connect with God, with others, and with our world that we can really be safe. Real security and abundant life flow from knowing that we have a place where we truly and authentically belong. The problem is that a sense of belonging does not come naturally to us. It must be learned.

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