Nov 02 2012

Transforming Me: FEARLESS: God’s light shines brighter than the darkness of our fears

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I remember one of the first nights that I was at Wightman UMC.  It came about five years ago while I was helping with the youth ministry.

Earlier in the day, I taught a Sunday School class and I left something in one of the upstairs rooms.  Now, it was late evening and I was going to retrieve it before I headed back home.

Then I discovered the problem.  It was dark — very, very dark.  I wasn’t familiar enough with the upstairs area of the church to find my way around in the dark.  So,I slid my hand over the walls desperately searching the familiar feel of a light switch.

In the dark, when you can’t see, you start to hear things.  Was that sound I just heard someone else in the building?  Did I hear someone taking a step?  The light of a passing car threw up strange shadows on the wall.  My blood pressure jumped up a little.  My heart started to beat a little faster.  I don’t like being alone in the dark!

I kept moving my hand around until I finally found the light switch.  It gives me a sense of relief because things change instantly with the flip of that switch.

When my eyes adjusted to the flood of new light in the hallway, I felt a sense of peace again.  I realized that there had been nothing to fear and now I could finish what I set out to do in the first place.

There’s something about light when it hits the dark.  The dark melts away.  Things that seemed scary in the dark don’t seem nearly as intimidating in the light.

The same thing is true when we shine the light of Christ into the areas of darkness in our lives.  What once seemed so scary and so impossible to overcome now doesn’t seem to be as big and as scary as it once was.  In the light of Christ, we realize that we are not alone and that God is with us (The Lord is with me, I will not fear — Psalm 118:6).  Our God is definitely bigger than our “giants!”

This past Sunday, and continuing through this month of November,  we started to explore God’s invitation to live a FEARLESS life.  We’ll talk about Samuel’s invitation that he receives in the night.  We’ll explore the excuses that Moses gives for not being able to do what God says Moses will do.  Will look at Peter’s struggle and questions of self worth when it comes to following Jesus.  Finally, we’ll talk about Jesus who invites us to do amazing and life-changing things.

In the end, we’ll come back to the idea that God calls and invites the “least expected” to do some of the “least expected” things. Why?  Because we have Emmanuel:  God with us!

It’s also a time during which we will be taking bold leaps of faith as a church.  Our third worship service launched this past Sunday.  WARM is on the horizon in December.  We have our annual Charge Conference on Nov. 7.  Advent is approaching and it’s a very busy time on the church calendar.

There are reasons that we could be afraid, but there are far, far more reasons to celebrate.  Wightman is blessed with some incredible servants who share their time and talents in ministry.  Our church is growing and reaching others in the name of Christ.  Our community recognizes Wightman as a church that helps people and shares the love of Christ with others.

The God who loves us is standing beside us all along the way.  Our invitation from God is to live a FEARLESS life where we “Love God. Love. People. Do Stuff.”

Love God. Love People. Do Stuff.

Pastor Dean

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