Nov 03 2012

Allan R. Bevere: Election Litany

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A Responsive Reading for the Sunday Before the Presidential Election:

Leader: Either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be our next President of the United States.

People: And Jesus will still be Lord over all earthly rulers.

Leader: Regardless of which individual wins, the world will not end.

People: And Jesus will still be Lord and will determine the climax of history.

Leader: No matter who is elected the next President, utopia will not arrive.

People: And Jesus will still be Lord. New creation is in God's hands.

Leader: Regardless of who is inaugurated in January, Armageddon will not be upon us.

People: And Jesus will still be Lord. He is our peace through life's turmoil.

Leader: One side will accuse the other of voter suppression and the other will point to voter fraud.

People: And Jesus will still be Lord. Only Jesus is trustworthy and true.

Leader: No matter who the American people elect next week, the church will still be God's only true politic and the only true reflection of Jesus' Kingdom ethic in this world.

People: And Jesus will indeed be Lord!

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